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Cycle tourism combines the pleasure of cycling with stunning views across Brazil

With it you can go to the bakery on the corner, but also cross the continent. A great leisure companion, the bicycle is also efficient, cheap, ecological and contributes to the health of its users. For all these reasons, the combination of cycling and tourism ended up becoming a trend in Brazil and around the world. In cycle tourism, the journey matters as much or more than the final destination. Therefore, its practitioners tend to choose routes that allow them to practice safely and that offer views and attractions along the way. Short trips are obviously part of this practice, although the number of adventurers who can spend days cycling and appreciating the most important details of the landscape and cities they visit is growing. In Brazil, the best-known circuits include the European Valley, in Santa Catarina, the Rota das Frutas (SP), the Estrada Real (which passes through the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) and the route in Fortaleza and Jericoacoara , in Ceará, made almost entirely by the sands of the coastal beaches. With so many hours on the pedal, rest is also sacred! Therefore, choosing hotels and inns that offer comfort and well-being to rest your body and eat well, in addition to being essential, also brings a special charm to the cycling adventure. A relaxing bath, good food and rest in comfortable beds provide renewed energy to the cycle tourist. On famous routes and even those traveled by the most pioneering cyclists, there are hundreds of accommodation options that, in partnership with Harus, provide travelers with the best in amenities and gastronomy, always with an eye on sustainability in Brazilian tourism. . Care To enjoy everything that cycling tourism offers, however, you need to take some care. If there is a desire and little or no practice, the ideal is to start slowly and, whenever possible, consult a doctor to learn more about your cardiovascular condition. Other precautions are very important for cycle tourists:

  • Prefer to go out in a group where there is a leader to organize the routes, as well as experience in cycle tourism;
  • Inspect your bike and check the brakes, gears, tires, gearbox, etc.;
  • Luggage racks attached to the bike can be of great help for those who are going on longer trips;
  • First aid items are essential;
  • Always have water and light foods on hand, such as fruit and cereal bars;
  • Learn how to perform basic maintenance, such as changing a punctured inner tube. Having a small kit with patches, spatula and air pump is important for long trips;
  • The bicycle is considered a vehicle by the Brazilian Traffic Code, with the right to travel on the roads and priority over cars. Routes in the city do not always have cycle paths, and using common sense avoids accidents, whenever necessary, use the shoulder.

All ready, take the opportunity to enjoy the landscape and tone your legs. Bon voyage! Consult Harus to learn more about our products and services! And, if you liked this content, share it with your contacts.


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