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How to increase your hotel’s rating online? Check out tips

Online research is currently the main tool for anyone looking for accommodation. According to a TripAdvisor survey, 86% of travelers research the internet before traveling. Therefore, having good online reviews is important to attract guests, mainly among small and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition to Google's own review tool, it is possible to receive comments and ratings through platforms such as TripAdvisor and The websites list different establishments according to quality, quantity and recency of reviews. This means that hotels with better grades, a greater number of evaluators and more recent feedback appear first when the user searches.

Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a strategy to achieve a significant number of good reviews. Want to know how to do this? Check out our tips:

Bet on a website and social media
Good reviews are only possible if the service provided is quality. And quality service begins when the person is still researching the establishment. It is important that the customer has a good experience when trying to book a stay, for example, or when communicating with the accommodation provider to ask questions. Therefore, it is important to invest in a good website and social media.

Ideally, both the website, which must work well, without crashing, and the social media profile provide relevant information, have good photos of the facilities, offer communication channels and give the option of online booking (either on the website itself or via messaging app, for example).

Offer a personalized experience
Increasingly, consumers are looking for services personalized. Therefore, in addition to investing in infrastructure and training for employees, it is important to provide a unique experience for guests. A few simple questions when booking provide tools for personalization.

It is possible, for example, to decorate the suite for special occasions, such as a guest's honeymoon or birthday, offer a different menu in case of dietary restrictions, assist in preparing an itinerary according to the traveler's profile and offer amenities following each client's aroma and texture preferences (or even according to their habits, such as vegan products).

Ask for reviews
The best way to get positive reviews is to ask guests to leave them at the end of their stay. The ideal is to concentrate all feedback on the same platform, ensuring the necessary volume for the establishment to appear at the top of the list. So, choose the best website for your needs and direct the customer to it.

But be careful: some platforms punish establishments that exchange reviews for some type of benefit. Therefore, do not promise discounts and other prizes in exchange for comments. If you want to reward, do so only after the guest spontaneously evaluates it.

Respond to comments
Concentrate assessments in a single platform, in addition to helping the hotel appear at the top of the list, it allows managers to have a broad view of what customers think of the establishment. And, in addition to practicing active listening, it is recommended to respond to comments in a personalized way, valuing the time of the person who left the feedback.

The tip also applies to negative comments. Dissatisfied customers tend to leave more spontaneous reviews than satisfied ones. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to complaints to resolve any problems (and learn from mistakes) and show other people that the establishment is concerned and willing to resolve them.

Eventually, solving the problem through a forceful response may even change the complainant's view of the establishment. So don't leave any comments without getting back to us.

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