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Digital presence: why is it important for the hotel industry?

Technology and the internet have transformed consumer behavior. It's no different in the hotel sector, as many people currently research, plan and make their reservations completely online. Therefore, it is crucial that establishments follow these changes and are present in the digital environment. This way, they stay connected with guests prospects and build relationships with the public to ensure business success.

But, after all, what is digital presence? It is the existence and visibility of a company in the online environment through different channels and platforms – for example, website, blog, newsletter and social networks. More than being present in these media, it is necessary to create a consistent identity and relevant content that reaches the target audience and invites them to engage and interact with the company.

According to a TripAdvisor survey, 86% of travelers research the internet before traveling. This, in itself, would be reason enough for a hotel to understand the importance of an online presence. However, in addition to attracting new customers, a digital presence creates opportunities to strengthen ties with guests and have a good reputation. Want to know how? Check out:

One of the main advantages of a digital presence is online visibility. By having a well-designed website and social media profiles, a hosting medium can reach a larger audience – people can access the establishment's information at any time, anywhere in the world – and be found by people interested in its location, facilities and services.

Proper use of social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, allows hotels to interact directly with users. When content is relevant and well-designed, it encourages sharing by users, increasing exposure and creating new opportunities for interaction with potential guests.

Relationship building
A digital presence allows the hotel company to have closer contact with the public, as it can answer questions, provide relevant information and receive feedback quickly and directly. Therefore, as long as channel management is quick and efficient, it is possible to establish a dialogue to win new guests and loyalty those who already know the service.

Online reputation
It is common for tourists to research a hotel's reputation before making a reservation. Therefore, it is essential that the internet has positive information about the establishment. In addition to providing quality service, online reviews are a good way to maintain a positive reputation. They can arrive on their own channels or through websites such as TripAdvisor and

The hosting provider should encourage customer feedback, be open to criticism and resolve any issues raised by users – we talk more about how to get good reviews online in this article.

Tips for improving digital presence
The strategy for a good digital presence varies according to the objective of each establishment. However, having a well-designed, responsive and search engine-optimized website is essential so that it appears among the top results when a user searches for the hotel.

In relation to social networks, the presence must be consistent through regular posts, relevant and well-produced content. In some cases, it may also be interesting to partner with digital influencers to increase online visibility and exposure.

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