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Sun and beach tourism: discover 5 Brazilian beaches with options that go beyond swimming in the sea

Brazil has 8,500 kilometers of coastline. It's no surprise that beaches are the country's main tourist attractions: seven of the ten destinations national most sought after in 2022 were coastal cities, according to a survey by However, anyone who thinks that beach towns offer “only” sand and sea is mistaken.

The Ministry of Tourism defines that sun and beach tourism consists of activities related to “recreation, entertainment or rest on beaches due to the joint presence of water, sun and heat”. Thus, in addition to sea bathing and resting on the sand, this type of tourism also includes practices such as surfing, windsurfing, diving, activities nautical and recreational sports.

Currently, coastal cities invest in diversifying activities to attract tourists of various profiles, combining beautiful landscapes, rest and fun. Check out five Brazilian beaches with options for fun besides swimming in the sea:

1- Baía dos Golfinhos Beach (RN)
Baía dos Golfinhos Beach is in Pipa, in Rio Grande do Norte. It is popular due to the ease of spotting the animals that give the place its name. So much so that one of the main attractions is the speedboat ride that takes visitors to the best spots for watching dolphins. During periods of low tide, it is even possible to swim with them.

2- Baía dos Porcos Beach (PE)
In Fernando de Noronha (PE), Praia da Baía dos Porcos is considered the best snorkeling spot on the island. The crystal clear waters, which are also visited by turtles, encourage snorkeling – a type of diving in shallow waters.

3- Joaquina Beach (SC)
The strong and long waves make Praia da Joaquina, in Florianópolis (SC), the ideal destination for those who love surfing. In fact, the place hosts national and international championships in the sport. Additionally, tourists can practice sandboarding, in which a person descends the dunes that surround the beach on a board similar to a snowboard.

4- Farol Beach (RJ)
Praia do Farol, in Arraial do Cabo (RJ), is considered one of the best places for boat trips in Brazil. Normally, the route also includes the small beaches of Pontal do Atalaia and Praia do Forno, as well as the Gruta Azul. It is a route with crystal clear waters that allows you to observe marine animals such as dolphins and humpback whales.

5- Praia da Preguiça (BA)
For those who like to practice calmer sports, Praia da Preguiça, in Salvador, Bahia, is the right destination. The sea water is calm, making it favorable for the practice of stand up paddleboarding – in which the person stands on a floating board, similar to that used in surfing, and uses an oar to propel themselves through the water – and canoeing, which is already they had regional tournaments hosted there.

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