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Quality amenities can change the guest experience; see tips on how to choose

When it comes to welcoming people, the hospitality sector is always looking for improvement. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, guests expect comfort during their stay, and amenities play an important role in promoting well-being and relaxation. Therefore, when the establishment offers the appropriate products, the guest experience improves.

If previously offering items such as shampoo, conditioner, soaps and other amenities from renowned or personalized brands seemed like something for luxury hotels, today they are a must-have in hospitality. They must be offered by establishments of all types, such as independent hotels, inns and even houses or apartments that are rented for the season.

However, for this to be appreciated by customers, the products must be of quality and in line with the identity of the accommodation. For example, hotels and resorts whose brand is consolidated may prefer to stamp their own visual identity on packaging, opting for suppliers that have quality products and offer customization.

On the other hand, independent establishments can use amenities from well-known brands to add value and attract more customers.

How to choose
The development of the hospitality sector and its suppliers in recent years has increased amenities offerings to deliver the best sensorial experience to the user. Today, in addition to choosing product categories, such as shampoo, conditioner, liquid or bar soap, moisturizing lotion, etc., accommodation options have several fragrance options that adapt to the location's olfactory identity or can be chosen according to a specific purpose.

The aromas of bamboo and aloe vera, for example, are refreshing and promote a feeling of well-being and comfort. Therefore, they are usually the most democratic option. Ingredients such as apple, cinnamon, cherry and hazelnut make the fragrance more sensual, which makes the amenities more suitable for suites that receive couples. For children, sweeter smells, such as watermelon and tutti-frutti, tend to please.

In addition to the search for well-being, there is also a growing concern among guests about the sustainability of establishments. Therefore, when choosing amenities, it is important to consider products without ingredients that are harmful to the environment and with recyclable packaging, made of paper or green plastic, in addition to selecting a supplier concerned with the environmental impacts of production.

Harus, the leading brand in the Brazilian amenities market, is present in all hospitality segments with its diverse line of personalized products and private brands. The company also exclusively offers amenities from iconic brands such as O Boticário, L'Occitane Brasil, KUR Cosméticos, Davene and Vinotage (Grupo Família Valduga).

The brand adopts sustainable practices in its production processes and packaging, offering options in biodegradable paper, with certification issued by the Institute of Technological Research, and green plastic. In addition to sachets, some lines are also available in 500 ml bottles to reduce waste generation and reduce operational costs.

To understand the needs of your establishment or serviced home, and choose the best amenities to improve the guest experience, talk to Harus!


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