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Discover the ideal Brazilian cities to enjoy Carnival

Talking about Carnival is already synonymous with Brazil. The festivities spread across the country, but each place celebrates in its own way. From samba school parades to street blocks, typical dances and folklore, municipalities welcome with open arms the tourists who want to immerse themselves in the festivities and, above all, learn more about the different facets of Brazilian culture.

We have listed five cities to enjoy Carnival in 2024. Check it out:

1- Manaus (AM)
One of the highlights of the Manaus Carnival is Carnaboi, which mixes Brazilian popular music and folklore. Normally, there are two days of celebration, which open or close the carnival period, with parades of the oxen Caprichoso and Garantido, from Parintins, and the oxen Brilhante, Corre-Campo and Garanhão, from Manaus, at the sambadrome in the capital of Amazonas.

However, the city has festivities for all tastes and also has a schedule of bands and street blocks, some with free access, as well as parades from the region's samba schools.

2- Salvador (BA)
Salvador has one of the best-known carnivals in Brazil and receives millions of visitors annually. The party is divided into circuits, the main ones being Dodô, in Barra-Ondina, Osmar, in Campo Grande, and Batatinha, in Pelourinho. Most street blocks have paid entry, where the reveler receives an abadá that gives access to the area closest to the electric trio, normally led by well-known artists of Brazilian popular music.

Who prefers a little more comfort, you can also purchase entry to one of the boxes that offer a buffet, open bar, DJs and other amenities to enjoy the four days of the holiday.

3- Olinda (PE)
Considered one of the liveliest festivities of the Brazilian Carnival, Olinda is known for its parades of giant dolls accompanied by lots of frevo. There are more than 500 groups parading, and on average 100 artists who perform for free every year. The festivities always take place during the day and are suitable for people of all ages.

It is worth highlighting that the celebration is surrounded by beautiful and historic landscapes, and the city is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

4- Recife (PE)
Close to Olinda, Recife has its internationally recognized Carnival thanks to Galo da Madrugada, the largest carnival group in the world – in 2023, it broke its own record and brought together more than 2.5 million revelers in a nine and a half hour party with artists from Pernambuco. .

The capital of Pernambuco also has several private parties, with live music shows, an open bar and other amenities.

5- Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Carnival in the city of Rio de Janeiro is quite democratic. There are hundreds of street blocks, which celebrate until Ash Wednesday and brought together approximately 1 million people in 2023, in addition to the traditional samba school parade in Marquês de Sapucaí and the Magic Ball, at the Copacabana Palace hotel.

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