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How to improve the experience of guests in rented homes? Discover hotel tips

In recent years, serviced homes – those that can be rented for short seasons, via Airbnb and, for example – have become popular among tourists. This is an alternative for those who want more privacy or experience the destination like a local resident. Hosts must respect the platform's guidelines and can also create their own rules, such as smoking restrictions and limits on the number of guests. guests.

With the increase in supply, competition is fierce. Therefore, we have listed some lessons that home owners (or apartments, farms and other types of accommodation) can learn from the hotel industry to improve their services and stand out in the market.

  • Personalized service

One of the differences of hotels is efficient and personalized service. To this end, it is important to be available to answer guests' questions, in addition to being able to provide information about accommodations or the location, giving tips on tours and restaurants, for example. If it is possible to collect additional data, it is also good practice to prepare personalized surprises, such as leaving lactose-free treats in case one of the visitors is allergic.

  • Good communication

Related to the previous topic, it is essential to maintain good communication to provide a good customer experience. It is necessary to have an open channel to resolve doubts and ensure that the guest is informed about check-in and check-out details, general rules and other relevant information. And of course, always with respect and kindness.

  • Provide maximum convenience

No one wants to face difficulties during their dream trip, right? Therefore, a good host seeks to provide maximum convenience and comfort for their guest. Just like in hotels, in addition to offering quality facilities, there are other items that can be made available to facilitate the guest's arrival and stay. Coffees, teas, stocked hygiene items and amenities These are some of the products that make all the difference in the experience. They add value to accommodation because they not only make the guest's routine easier, but can also provide a unique experience with quality products and renowned brands.

  • Up-to-date cleaning and maintenance

The hotel industry follows strict cleaning and maintenance protocols for its establishments. Therefore, the tip is to be inspired to keep environments always clean and all facilities in good condition. Although it is not as common in residential environments, it may be important to maintain a pest control routine, especially if the house receives pets. But remember: it is important to respect the protocols so that there is no harm to the health of people and animals.

  • Encourage reviews

One of the most efficient ways to improve service is to understand customer demands and expectations. Therefore, encouraging assessments helps in providing a quality service. It is essential to respond to all of them, even the negative ones, which should serve as a lesson and be responded to cordially.

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