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Paris: 5 tips for those visiting the host of the next Olympics

Although Paris is already known for its charm, romanticism and for being the birthplace of many renowned artists, the eyes of the world should turn even more to the French capital in 2024, when it will host the Olympics. The event takes place between July and August, but the Olympic atmosphere and tourists are expected to take over the city all year round.
Below, we list five tips for those who will visit the City of Light in 2024. Check them out:

1- Plan and book your favorite attractions
Paris is the favorite of many tourists and was, in 2022, the city that received the most tourists in the world. The Olympics should make the city attract even more travelers, making it busier than ever. So the tip is to plan and, whenever possible, book visits to the most desired attractions in advance to avoid queues and guarantee that you will be able to visit all the places. Currently, it is possible to purchase tickets and schedule most tours online.

2- Use a bicycle and public transport when getting around
Once in the French capital, the recommendation is to rent a bicycle and also use public transport to get around. The first is an ally for those who want to enjoy the city's charming, tree-lined streets, providing an opportunity to see famous tourist attractions, such as the banks of the River Seine and the Montmartre neighborhood, from another point of view.

For longer journeys, public transport is a good option, avoiding traffic jams. There, you can get to practically anywhere by bus, train, metro or tram – even to neighboring cities. Evaluate your journeys to decide whether it is worth purchasing single passes or purchasing the Paris Visit, a card with daily validity that is valid for all means of transport and can be topped up at stations or via the app, to facilitate boarding.

3- Go beyond the traditional tourist attractions
Visiting the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, which should reopen in 2024, and the Louvre Museum are certainly on the wish list of tourists going to Paris, especially those who are in the city for the first time. However, people who are looking for experiences unique experiences or to get to know a little more about the daily lives of Parisians, you can take time to explore less touristy places.

Marais, Belleville and Canal Saint-Martin are some examples of neighborhoods outside the traditional axis and bring together cafes, bistros and shops that reflect the charming atmosphere of the municipality.

4- Enjoy the local cuisine
Parisian cuisine is world-renowned and has options for all budgets and tastes. Tourists can book dinner at renowned restaurants or venture into local markets, such as the Marché des Enfants Rouges, the oldest covered market in Paris, and small bistros.

5- Enjoy local art and culture
Paris is a cultural treasure, home to some of the greatest works of art and cultural events in the world. There are several museums there, such as the Louvre, where the Mona Lisa can be seen; the Musée d'Orsay and the Center Georges Pompidou, known for its unique architecture and contemporary collection. It is also possible to visit artistic neighborhoods, for example Montmartre, famous for its picturesque alleys and for being home to several renowned artists, such as Picasso and Van Gogh.

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