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Discover the trends for tourism and hospitality in 2024

Another year is coming to an end and tourism and hospitality professionals need to be aware of changes in the sector, adapting their services and structure to continue meeting travelers' expectations. Understanding the changes – which, in fact, are happening more and more quickly – in their profile and desires is crucial to offering a quality service and, consequently, gaining their loyalty.

To help managers plan their next steps, we have listed five trends for tourism and hospitality in 2024. Check them out:

1- Sleep tourism
O wellness tourism emerged during the pandemic and remains on the rise. However, the concept is taking new forms. The new thing this time is sleep tourism. Spas and hotels already offer programs to teach guests good bedtime habits – a kind of sleep concierge, supported by techniques and technologies that help promote a restful night.

The trend has been gaining strength due to people's hectic and busy routines, who report finding it increasingly difficult to sleep well. So much so that, according to a survey by, 58% of Brazilians who want to travel in 2024 intend to pack their bags to focus on sleep.

2- Artificial Intelligence increasingly present
As in other sectors of the economy, AI (Artificial Intelligence) promises to transform tourism and hospitality. On the one hand, 62% of Brazilians trust technology to plan their trips, says a survey by On the other hand, chatbots combined with machine learning are helping hosting providers to provide a service more efficient and personalized to customers, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3- Experiencing luxury
O luxury tourism It is also not a new trend, but it is gaining followers. People are increasingly willing to save throughout the year to enjoy holidays with small luxuries, known as “à la carte luxuries”.

In 2024, 64% of travelers intend to reduce personal spending in other areas to prioritize investments in leisure travel, indicates Hilton's 2024 Trends Report: What Millennials, Gen Z, Gen X and Baby Boomers Tell Us About Travel in the Year Ahead Hotels.

Among the à la carte luxuries, 62% of Brazilians are willing to pay for day passes to use the amenities of a five-star hotel, the so-called day use, instead of staying there for one or more days, points out

4- Connectivity in the center
Connectivity continues to be one of the main demands of tourists. However, in line with the trend of wellness tourism, 76% of people value applications of all types that are capable of reducing the stress of their travels, shows the Hilton Hotels survey.

The research also indicates that, globally, 80% of people find it essential to use personal devices in an integrated way with the technology available in hotels on their trips, from Wi-Fi to streaming applications. Furthermore, four out of five travelers are able to make all of their reservations online, either with the help of an agent or on their own.

5- (Even more) Sustainability
ESG has guided business decisions in several segments. Hospitality, for example, already has amenities and sustainable cleaning products, in addition to adopting actions aimed at reducing carbon footprint of its activities. However, in order to contribute to reducing the effects of the climate crisis, tourists are looking at activities that further help preserve the environment.

The survey states that 51% of Brazilian travelers prefer accommodations with elements of sustainable innovation, while 62% want to see sustainability in action. In this sense, they are interested in sustainable travel apps where they can unlock rewards (71%), such as experiences with locals in little-known regions (44%).

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