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Personalized service is key to retaining guests

The Covid-19 pandemic brought significant changes to several sectors and tourism was no different. Whether for work or leisure, travelers are increasingly valuing the unique experiences they can have in a certain place. A visit to a local fair, a walk through the historic city center or a beautiful view of the beach are just a few examples of what people are looking for these days.

Hotels that want to offer a special stay must focus on personalized service. It can start even before booking and continue for months after accommodation, always with the aim of ensuring guest loyalty. Of course, technology can help in this process, but the first tip is to invest in human relationships, which gained even more prominence after the health crisis.

According to Zendesk's CX Trends: 2022 survey, the service received is one of the most important aspects for consumers to become loyal to a brand, say 57% of those interviewed. The item is second only to the price, indicated by 62% of people. Furthermore, companies that provide above-average service have a higher financial performance, according to a PwC survey.

Collect traveler data
With the guest's authorization and following the other principles of the LGPD (General Data Protection Law), collecting customer data is an important step in offering personalized service. It is possible to carry out targeted searches or use information collected at the time of booking – allowing the first experience to be individualized – or during the stay, enabling the next stay to be personalized.

For example, when the customer closes the package, it is worth asking about allergies, avoiding the use of products that may cause discomfort in the suite, such as fragrances and cleaning items, such as chlorine. In case of dietary restrictions, it is possible to offer an alternative menu. If he doesn't consume dairy products, you can offer lactose-free cakes and breads for breakfast. If you are vegan, it is worth investing in products – not just food, but also hygiene and well-being items – that do not have animal origin. Harus, leader in the amenities market, recently launched an entire line aimed at this audience.

It is also possible to ask about preferences related to local tourism and offer a personalized itinerary according to the activities sought by the visitor. Having this information in hand, added to food tastes, it is worth including tours, restaurants (how about trying partnerships for discounts?) and stores that may be of interest to the person or family who will be staying at the hotel.

Show the guest that they are remembered
To feel welcomed, the guest needs to be remembered and not feel like just “another customer”. Before the trip, it is worth sending an email reminding the guest about the check-in date and time, providing a channel for questions or last-minute information. The tip is to be friendly and empathetic, avoiding standardized or “robotic” messages. Call the customer by name.

During your stay, the suggestion is to leave a daily note with the next day's weather forecast or a dinner suggestion, for example. If the person asked for an extra bath towel, why not leave one extra after tidying up the next day? And it's always good to pay special attention to families with children, and also to those traveling with their pets (there are several particularities, as we've already discussed here), who may have specific needs.

After hosting, it is important to send a satisfaction survey that includes not just a form, but a personalized message thanking you for your preference and making the establishment available for future opportunities. From time to time, it is worth sending an email inviting the family to return to the hotel – in this case, it is appropriate to offer some discount or advantage. It is interesting that the contact is on some occasion, such as the guest's birthday or one year after the stay.

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