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Why it's important to choose sustainable cleaning products for your accommodation

The managers of hosting means They know that cleanliness is one of the most important criteria for offering a quality service. However, increasing concern about the ESG (acronym in English for best environmental, social and governance practices) showed the need to use sustainable cleaning products, in addition to adopting protocols that avoid waste and harm to the health of guests and workers.

Conventional sanitizers can contain harmful chemicals that can contaminate soil and water. Furthermore, the manufacture of these products may involve the irregular extraction of natural resources and the emission of greenhouse gases.

On the other hand, the options sustainable They are usually produced with natural, biodegradable ingredients and have a low impact on the environment, reducing pollution and environmental degradation. The market currently has solutions that go beyond the use of sustainable ingredients, such as low-foam products that require less water to rinse.

The use of formulas that are less harmful to the environment is also positive for people's health, as they normally contain ingredients with a reduced risk of causing allergies, skin irritations or respiratory problems. However, it is worth highlighting that the adoption of these products does not exempt the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and the manufacturer's usage guidelines must always be followed.

At the same time, it is important to develop protocols to avoid waste. It is necessary, for example, to periodically check whether the dilution is being done correctly, ensuring correct hygiene and avoiding excessive use of sanitizers. In this sense, it is necessary to expand the range of practices sustainable and check from time to time if the establishment has water leaks.

The adoption of good environmental practices helps the reputation of accommodation establishments, as well as the loyalty of guests who value trips with less cost. environmental impact possible. Therefore, consciously choosing sanitizers can be a good strategic decision.

Harus by Carla Guerra launches sustainable sanitizing products

With two decades of experience in disinfection and hygiene in the hospitality sector, Carla Guerra launched, in partnership with Harus, a line of sustainable and efficient sanitizers for kitchen, housekeeping and general cleaning.

The new product has 21 products and also includes a complete hygiene and safety protocol, which covers preventive and corrective assistance to establishments, in order to guarantee the efficient management of resources.

The products are manufactured following good environmental and safety practices. biosecurity. They are biodegradable, have high yield and are produced in factories powered by solar energy. They have low foam content, reducing water consumption.

Click here and discover the entire Harus portfolio, which has a complete range of sustainable solutions.


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