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Trend alert: hospitality should invest in sustainable amenities

The hospitality sector has undergone several transformations in recent years. One of them involves the search for more sustainable operations. Currently, the adoption of measures ESG (an acronym in English for best environmental, social and governance practices) is a demand from guests, who are increasingly concerned about the impacts of their trips on the planet.

Many establishments have already created protocols for waste management and reducing water and electricity consumption, for example. The trend is for sustainability to be present in all areas of a hotel, such as cleaning products and in the amenities available to customers. The market already has options that help reduce packaging disposal and have biodegradable formulas.

Why choose sustainable amenities?
Any action that contributes to reducing carbon footprint and the preservation of the environment is welcome due to the urgency of the climate crisis. In the case of hotel companies, making more sustainable choices adds value to the business, attracting more guests who share the same concern. At the same time, this positioning helps raise awareness among people who are not aware of the topic.

Another advantage is that the efficient management of resources, such as water and electricity, reduces operational expenses. In fact, one of the trends in the amenities market is the use of dispensers, which not only reduce product waste and packaging disposal, but also provide savings of 35% and 75% in costs.

You hosting means Those who make effective decisions in favor of the environment tend to build a good reputation among their guests, potential customers, suppliers and employees, standing out from the competition.

Sustainable amenities for your business
Harus, a leading brand in the Brazilian amenities market, has sustainability at the center of its decisions and has a complete range of ecologically friendly solutions. One of them is the Vegan Line, which includes 100% bath items that are natural and free from animal products. The company also has the Sólido line, with 2-in-1 products (shampoo and conditioner) in bars, eliminating the use of plastic.

Furthermore, Harus' own line of amenities is 100%, biodegradable and not tested on animals. The bottles are produced with recycled PET or polyethylene with the Green Plastic seal. The company has also been investing in expanding its portfolio of dispensers which, in addition to the benefits already mentioned, also provide a reduction in inventory space and faster room tidying.

In 2023, the brand launched sachets with certified paper and 96% less plastic than conventional packaging. The new feature is available for Vida line products and can also be personalized with the hosting brand.

Recently, Harus created two product lines, in partnership with Regina Segui and Carla Guerra, developed with natural ingredients and biodegradable formulas, free of parabens, mineral oils and silicones.

Click here and discover the entire Harus portfolio, which has a complete range of sustainable solutions for your accommodation.


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