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Hotel, inn, resort and hostel: understand the differences and choose the best option for your trip

The digitalization of tourism has created facilities for travelers. Today, it is possible to choose and book your accommodation online, without the need for a travel agency. There are so many alternatives, however, that tourists can get lost and end up having difficulty choosing the best option for their travel style.

Therefore, we will explain the difference between the main types of accommodation – hotel, inn, resort and hostel – to help travelers make the best choice on their next trip. Check out:

As it is one of the most common options, the term hotel ends up being used generally for any type of accommodation. Typically, these are establishments located in central regions that offer private bathrooms, room service and breakfast. Although it can provide other services and leisure activities, the focus is on providing guests with comfortable accommodation to spend the night and have breakfast.

Mainly because they are in privileged areas of cities, such as in the center or in neighborhoods with strong tourist or economic activity, hotels are ideal for those traveling on business, or in groups who wish to visit tourist attractions, where they spend most of their time “ tourist.” Today, both in Brazil and abroad, there are hotel chains for all tastes and budgets.

The Ministry of Tourism defines that the inn is a horizontal enterprise with a maximum of 30 housing units and 90 beds spread over up to three floors. In practice, inns are more intimate accommodations, with artisanal service – it is not uncommon for them to be family businesses – and, in most cases, further away from the central regions or located in small towns.

Just like hotels, they can offer leisure activities, breakfast and other meals, usually homemade. Precisely because they are smaller, inns tend to have a lower cost and a more personalized service. It is the right choice for those who want quality accommodation, but do not want to give up a more cozy and intimate experience.

Unlike the hotel, the resort's mission is to offer a complete experience for the guest. The idea is that travelers do not need to leave the resort's premises to have fun, eat and rest. Establishments of this model usually offer all-inclusive packages, that is, all services, even meals, are included in the daily price.

It is common for resorts to be in more isolated regions because, in theory, the guest does not need to travel around the city for anything. In coastal municipalities, they may even have a private beach. So, they are the best option for families who want to have fun and also have relaxing moments. Normally, there is supervision for children, which keeps them entertained, while adults participate in other tourist activities.

The most common alternative among young people, the hostel is a popular type of accommodation among those who have a limited budget to travel. It's cheaper because guests often share bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens with other travelers. This modality is also a good option for those who travel alone and want to make friends and have contact with other cultures, as it is common for people from different countries to stay there.

It is not common for hostels to have additional services such as breakfast and room service. However, currently, there are establishments spread across the world that offer different experiences, such as double rooms, suites for couples and meals, increasing competitiveness with hotels.

The best tip is to always research the accommodation services available at your destination. And choose according to your personal goals and tastes!

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