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Plan the end of the year: 5 tips for choosing where to spend Christmas and New Year

To the New Year parties are coming! If you're on the team that likes to travel on these dates, it's time to plan and start making reservations to guarantee a good experience. Choosing where to go can be a challenge, as there are countless options available. The mission becomes even more complex when the trip involves the whole family or a large group of friends. Therefore, we have put together five tips to help you choose the ideal destination. Check out:

1- Set the budget
The first step in planning a trip is setting your budget. In general, people know the amount they have available, but they tend to only consider the costs of travel and accommodation, forgetting the costs of food, entertainment and any gifts. Therefore, the tip is to put everything on the tip of your pencil to be able to choose a destination that fits your budget.

2- Consider the weather
The weather is essential when deciding where to spend the end of year festivities. In Brazil, as well as throughout the Southern Hemisphere, December and January are months of high temperatures, which is inviting for those who like beach. Even so, there are options for those who prefer milder temperatures, such as the south of the country. Depending on the budget, people who like the cold can also opt for European countries or the United States.

3- Assess the group’s compatibility
Anyone who is going to spend the end of the year with their family or a group of friends needs to choose a destination that meets the needs and interests of everyone – or, at least, the majority. Planning a trip with children may include parks, while groups of couples may prefer cultural and gastronomic tours, and young people may opt for parties. Therefore, it is important to question the interests of those involved before finalizing the trip.

4- Find out more about the celebrations
Christmas and New Year are celebrations that vary around the world and are different even in different regions of Brazil. Therefore, research how each location celebrates these dates to choose the type of party that best suits what travelers want. For example: Copacabana's New Year's Eve party is famous because of the shows and fireworks on the beach; Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, is known for its Christmas fairs.

5- Research values and evaluations
After selecting the destinations of interest, it is important to research ticket and accommodation prices on different companies and websites. Before booking any hotel or tour, it is essential to consider the assessments left by other tourists. Currently, there are websites that gather this information, but it is also possible to access the comments on the establishments' social networks and check what has been said about them.

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