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Why centralize the supply of amenities, food and cleaning products in your hotel?

One of the challenges of the hospitality sector is finding suppliers for the different categories of products necessary for the smooth running of the operation. Managers do not always have the time necessary to search for the most suitable partners and negotiate the best conditions. Therefore, the centralization (or verticalization) of input supply has gained strength in the hotel industry.

Currently, it is possible to find companies that bring together the main product categories demanded by hotels, such as amenities, bed and bath, electronics, cleaning products and food. Centralizing purchases optimizes routine, allowing administrators to focus on business management. Therefore, it is a strategic decision for the success of the enterprise.

Check out other advantages of centralizing the supply of inputs:

  • Operational efficiency

Verticalizing supply simplifies a hotel's daily operations. Unifying inventory management reduces logistical complexity, making it easier to track inventory and efficiently replace necessary items. This way, managers save time, and the team can focus on providing the service to the customer. guest.

  • Consistency in service quality

By finding a reliable supplier that brings together quality products, the centralization of the supply of inputs guarantees that all services provided, as well as the facilities of the hosting medium, have the same quality. Consistency is key to providing good service and maintaining a solid reputation.

  • Negotiation power

Concentrating purchases in just one company allows administrators to have more negotiating power, as purchasing on a scale can result in better conditions. Thus, in addition to having a positive impact on the accounts, it also frees up resources for investment in other areas of the establishment.

Harus brings together the main categories demanded by hospitality

Over the last few years, Harus has invested in partnerships that allow it to offer complete solutions to hotels. Currently, the company has a diverse line of personalized products and its own brand, as well as partnerships with brands such as O Boticário, L'Occitane and Costa Brazil. The amenities portfolio includes complete solutions for personal hygiene, such as soaps, shampoos, moisturizers and body oils.

Since 2013, through Harus Food, the company has maintained partnerships with the main brands in the F&B (Food and Beverage) market, offering a mix of hundreds of food products. In addition, the portfolio has partnerships to supply bed and bath items, electronics, curtains, beds, mattresses, air fresheners and infrastructure equipment.

In 2023, the first line of sanitizing from Harus, the result of a partnership with Carla Guerra. Manufacturing follows good environmental and biosafety practices. In total, there are 21 biodegradable products for cooking, housekeeping and general cleaning, in addition to a complete hygiene and safety protocol, covering preventive and corrective assistance to establishments, in order to guarantee the efficient management of resources.

Click here and discover the entire Harus portfolio, which has a complete range of solutions for your hosting environment.


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