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What guests expect from room service

The hotel is one of the most important parts of the trip – that is, when it is not the main attraction! And there are some services that are essential, both for those who use the accommodation just to rest at night and for guests who spend several hours a day enjoying the accommodation.

Currently, with the ease of renting houses or apartments for short periods, room service has become a differentiator in the hotel industry. Check out five things guests expect from room service:

1. Full resource bathroom
Today, the full resource bathroom is one of the items that can generate a good evaluation for a hotel suite. Although the availability of a good shower is the rule, guests are looking for more complete services and value it when the bathroom has other facilities, such as quality amenities.
The category includes everything from basic hygiene products, such as shampoo, conditioner and soap, to other elements aimed at comfort, such as bathrobe, slippers and towel drying rack. In addition to the diversity of resources, it is essential that the maintenance of the environment is up to date, ensuring the proper functioning of all accessories.

2. Free Wi-Fi (and sockets)
For some time now, people have been demanding that establishments have Wi-Fi to browse and post on social media. However, the popularization of remote work has increased the urgency for hotels to offer the service for free (and with a quality connection). Thus, the place is ready to welcome not only guests on vacation, but also those looking for new environments to work.

Furthermore, it is important that the room has a good availability of sockets, ensuring that the customer will not have difficulty charging their notebook, tablet or cell phone when they need it most. Typically, people prefer them to be located near the bed or dining table in the suite.

3. Air conditioning
Even if the guest is traveling in search of heat or cold, an air-conditioned room is essential for good room service. This is because regulating the temperature is important for comfort, especially when sleeping. Furthermore, this can be a very important criterion for families traveling with children, as little ones can be more sensitive to very high or low temperatures.

4. Sustainability
People are increasingly concerned about the sustainability of their activities, including when they are traveling. Generations Y and Z, especially, value actions that have a positive impact on the environment – or reduce the negative effects of their stay. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a series of measures so that comfort can be aligned with a sustainable service.
Within room service, it is possible to encourage towels to be changed less frequently, promote selective waste collection and adopt sensors to avoid wasting energy. It is also possible to reduce the use of disposable items, in addition to using biodegradable cleaning products and amenities.

5. Variety of minibar
The minibar is a convenience appreciated by many guests. Offering a good variety of drinks and basic foods, such as water, juice, cereal bars and fruit, means that people don't need to travel to get a quick snack. Providing a mini fridge in itself adds value to the stay, as the person can store food (and even some medicines).

For the establishment, the variety of the minibar can generate extra revenue. In some cases, 5% of total revenue comes from this service. Although most hotels charge for all items in the minibar, today it is common for the first round to be complimentary, as a way of welcoming guests.

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