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Beyond Disney: different parks to visit around the world

Disney parks are known worldwide and are part of the imagination of children and adults. Although they are less famous, other parks around the world can offer equally – or even more – interesting experiences for the whole family. So, it's worth researching whether the destination of vacation count on any of them.

We've put together some tips for different parks to visit. Check out:

Harmonyland (Japan)
Anyone who likes Japanese pop culture and is going to visit the country cannot miss Harmonyland. Located in the city of Kyushu, the “land of harmony” is a theme park dedicated to the characters of Sanrio, owner of names such as Hello Kitty, My Melody and Keroppi. It has toys for the whole family, especially children smaller ones, as well as parades and shows.

Everland (South Korea)
Opened in 1973, Everland Park, in South Korea, is renewed annually to welcome more and more tourists. So much so that it has already received more than six million of them in one year. The area is divided into themed spaces, such as American Adventure, which simulates the old west of the United States, and Zoo-Topia, dedicated to wildlife.

There are several attractions, including the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world, and colorful and flowery scenes that make for beautiful images.

Wunderland Kalkar (Germany)
In the German city of Dusseldorf, the Wunderland Kalkar theme park was built in an abandoned nuclear power plant. One of the main attractions is a giant swing installed in an old cooling tower. The ticket gives access to more than 40 attractions, as well as unlimited drinks, ice cream and fries.

Weeki Wachee Springs (United States)
Weeki Wachee Springs, located in Florida, is a water park with attractions that go beyond pools and slides, such as boat rides, kayaks and rowing. The symbol is the mermaids that appear and circulate through the waters of the facilities. The area has a freshwater cave system that is one of the deepest in the United States.

From Efteling (Netherlands)
In Kaatsheuvel, in the Netherlands, De Efteling takes Dutch fairy tales as inspiration. It is the largest theme park in the country, with more than 650 thousand m² in size, and activities for the whole family. Among roller coasters and other rides, one of the main attractions is the dancing water show.

Tivoli Gardens (Denmark)
One of the oldest in Europe, with almost two centuries of history, Tivoli Gardens is considered an amusement and artistic park – in addition to rides such as roller coasters and carousels, it has a theater dedicated to ballet, shows, exhibitions, among other attractions. .

Located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, the establishment served as inspiration for Walt Disney to create his first park in California.

Tips for planning your visit

To guarantee a visit to the parks, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance through the official websites. It is also important to check the opening hours of the park and specific attractions, such as shows and parades, which may change. It is common, for example, for opening hours to be extended during high season or for them to close earlier during the local winter.

Before traveling, the tip is also to research and list the main activities you want to do in the park. This is because the spaces are large and tourists can waste time between one attraction and another. So, choosing what you want to do allows you to plan the best route within the park, optimizing time and increasing the chances of seeing everything you would like.

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