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Plan your July vacation! 5 destinations to experience the Brazilian winter

The July holidays are approaching and it's time to organize your trip, as this is one of the high season months - and the availability of destinations and the costs involved can rise quickly. Planning in advance increases the chances of getting transportation, whether air or road, and the hosting medium desired at more affordable prices.

When choosing a destination, Brazil, even though it is a tropical country, has many options for those who want to enjoy the winter chill. The territory has continental dimensions, allowing tourists to find cities where it is even possible to see snow (or at least frost). Those who prefer to escape the low temperatures can resort to places that have a hot climate all year round, such as Lençóis Maranhenses (MA), Jalapão (GO) and Caldas Novas (GO).

Here, we have gathered five destinations to enjoy your vacation during the Brazilian winter. Follow with us!

1- Campos do Jordão (SP)
One of the most popular destinations in Serra da Mantiqueira (SP), especially among São Paulo residents, is Campos do Jordão. The city is known as “Brazilian Switzerland” due to its architecture and, although it is very popular with couples, it has attractions for the whole family.

In addition to good options gastronomic – such as fondues and parrillas – and artisanal chocolates, the municipality has viewpoints, parks, trails and waterfalls. Between May and July, there is the Winter Festival, with shows, theatrical performances and other artistic expressions spread across the city.

2- Petrópolis (RJ)
Those who want to take advantage of their trip to learn a little more about the history of Brazil can visit Petrópolis, located in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. The main attractions are the Imperial Museum, the Casa de Santos Dumont and the Bohemia brewery.

The city, which during the Brazilian Empire was the country's summer capital, also offers tours amid nature and is recommended for tourists looking for a more cozy and peaceful experience.

3- Monte Verde (MG)
Close to São Paulo, the Minas Gerais district of Monte Verde is a good option for couples who love nature. nature, but which do not give up on a good tourist structure. Trails and viewpoints provide exuberant views, while the center brings together restaurants, clothing and shoe stores, crafts, chocolate shops and breweries – all with a peaceful and picturesque atmosphere.

4- São Joaquim (SC)
During winter, the temperature in São Joaquim (SC) can reach minus 10 degrees. Even though it is not guaranteed, tourists who visit the city at this time of year may be lucky enough to see snow – or at least some frost, which is more common. Known for its wine and apple production, the municipality is very welcoming to visitors.

5- Gramado (RS)
Certainly, Gramado (RS) is the most popular Brazilian destination in winter. German-influenced culture and architecture gain even more charm amid the low temperatures. In addition to many gastronomic options and artisanal chocolates, the city has activities for all ages. In fact, theme parks and museums have gained more and more space, winning over families with children.

The municipality also has a Winter Festival with decorations, shows and themed presentations throughout the city. Furthermore, it is close to Canela, which is quieter, and Bento Gonçalves, one of the main producers of wine Of region. Therefore, it allows tourists to have more options to rest or have fun.

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