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Business travel is back! See how to prepare your hotel

After a long period of changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, travel business are officially back. Companies adapted to maintain activities remotely during the health crisis and many maintain the model to this day. Even so, companies and professionals do not give up face-to-face contact, especially at conferences and events, which are a hub for attracting new clients, networking and contact with sectoral news.

In Brazil, according to Abracorp (Brazilian Association of Corporate Travel Agencies), the corporate travel segment earned R$ 982 million in January 2023, 17% more than in the same period in 2019. In the hotel industry alone, gains were R$ 248 million, 25% more than in the same month before the pandemic.

According to STR Global, this is a trend worldwide. Hotel occupancy in Latin America is close to pre-pandemic levels. The report showed that São Paulo, one of the main markets in the region, registered greater recovery on days close to weekends (Sundays and Thursdays), indicating the propensity of guests to combine business and leisure trips, the so-called bleisure.

The resumption of business travel is an opportunity for the hotel industry. In addition to establishments located close to the main corporate centers, it is a chance for hotels further away to attract new customers, especially on weekdays, by offering quality services and facilities.

See how to prepare your accommodation and provide a good experience for corporate guests:

Structure for remote work
Even if guests are traveling to participate in external activities, such as meetings, fairs and conferences, it is necessary to offer an adequate structure for remote work. In addition to providing your own space for this, such as a coworking space or a comfortable table and chair in your own room, you must have a quality internet connection.

Another important point is investing in a meeting room or space for events that motivate visitors to close deals within your hotel.

Customized services
The customization of services It’s a trend across the hospitality industry. When it comes to business travel, this is an aspect that can make all the difference. This is because professionals may have a busier routine compared to those traveling for leisure, meaning personalizing services to make the stay easier can be crucial to retaining guests.

One example is to question the nature of the trip when booking. Thus, it is possible to adapt the suite to the needs of a corporate traveler, adding a table, chair and an internet connection point.

Another tip is to make room service hours more flexible, allowing customers to order meals, for example, considering their routine, offering more attractive food and drink items in the room or even installing self-service terminals that guests can use at any time. moment of the day.

Relaxing moments
Providing opportunities for relaxation is also a differentiator, as there is nothing better than resting after a long day of work. In addition to spa services, it is possible to offer tools that allow a moment of well-being in your own room.

The tip is to install a quality shower, with good water pressure and that allows temperature adjustment, since baths Hot ones are relaxing and cold ones are energizing. Good towels, scented candles or a diffuser for essential oils, bath salts and even speakers for ambient music are some suggestions.

The choice of amenities quality is an important differentiator. The aroma and texture of products can provide different sensations. Liquid soaps help you have a more relaxing bath due to the volume of foam and stronger aroma, while moisturizers can be ideal for a quick but invigorating self-massage.

And of course, choosing a suitable bed, with good mattresses and pillows, as well as soft bedding guarantees a peaceful and restful night's sleep.

Harus has a complete line of amenities, accessories and equipment to guarantee the best guest experience. These are items for the food, electronics, bed and bath, hygiene and beauty products sectors.

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