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5 tips for choosing a hotel before traveling

For a trip to go as expected, it is necessary to plan. And one of the most important steps to guarantee a good experience is choosing the hotel. In addition to being the main resting place while the person is away from home, the accommodation can also enrich the stay with leisure and relaxation spaces, quality cuisine and other activities.

Harus has put together five tips to help you avoid making mistakes when choosing your accommodation option. Check out:

1- Define the budget and needs
The first step before booking an accommodation is to define the budget available for this part of the trip, in addition to determining what the group wants from the establishment – for example, if they prefer accommodation with a bathtub, children's entertainment space, swimming pool, etc. The tip is to make a list in order of priority.

2- Know the types of accommodation
Now, it's time to research which type of accommodation is the best choice. Currently, the sector offers options that fit different budgets and needs, such as resorts, hotels, inns, hostels and serviced houses – we talk about the differences between them in this article.

3- Evaluate the available amenities
Each group of travelers has different needs. A couple, for example, may prefer the hotel to have a pool bar system, while a family with children tends to opt for establishments that offer children's recreation.

Therefore, consider the amenities offered beyond the priority list – some differences may be amenities Of Quality, room service 24 hours a day, preparing personalized meals, among others. This can even be a tiebreaker when booking.

4- Research and consider online reviews
Today, most hosting providers have websites and profiles on social networks. The ideal is to browse the information, including photos, to analyze whether the establishment fits what the traveler is looking for.

To avoid falling for misleading advertising, the recommendation is to look at what guests are saying in their online reviews, in addition to checking whether (and how) the hotel responded to negative comments, as this may be an indication of the type of service provided.

5- Know the cancellation policy and check-in and check-out times
Even though no one plans a trip with the intention of canceling, unforeseen events happen and it may be necessary to cancel the stay. Therefore, the tip is to know the cancellation policy of the accommodation option to know what your rights are if it is necessary to cancel the reservation. Most hotels allow free cancellation a few months or weeks in advance and charge a fee when it is necessary to cancel the reservation just a few days before the date.

Likewise, it is important to know the check-in and check-out times. This makes it easier to plan when to arrive and leave the suite, allowing guests to travelers make the most of your time at your destination.

Furthermore, accommodation facilities usually offer, subject to availability, the option of early check-in and late check-out if guests wish to check in early or leave later.

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