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Harus closes new partnerships in the Food sector to meet the renewed demands of hospitality

Products with good value for money, sustainable bias and premium or local ingredients have been gaining ground among guests and sector managers, says the company's general director

São Paulo, March 2023 – Changes promoted in recent years by the macroeconomic scenario and renewed preferences among guests have been altering food consumption trends in the hospitality sector. And, with an eye on meeting the needs of the most diverse accommodation options in Brazil, Harus Food has invested in new partnerships in the segment in recent months.

The company, the Food division of Harus (national leader in amenities), supplies the main food service brands to establishments across the country. Among them are Junior Alimentos, Flormel, Le Petit, Homemade, Ísis, Bauducco, Vigor, Caravelas, Lowçucar, Président, Cepêra and Billa.

“The recent movements in the segment can be summarized, according to what we have seen, in three pillars: the need for greater cost-benefit, for managers, the appreciation of the experience and special items, by guests and, in general , a growing environmental concern”, says Luiz Roberto Magrin Filho, general director of Harus.

According to him, the demand for greater operational efficiency that emerged among accommodation facilities in the post-pandemic period will be renewed in 2023, even though the expectation for tourism is positive. “For this reason, we are dedicated to finding new item and brand options for our customers, allowing them a greater range of choices when composing their offers.”

On the guest side, the search for healthier habits and products with greater added value dictates consumption during the trip – whether at the breakfast buffet or in minibars and self-service terminals. To respond to this demand, Harus Food recently began distributing the Naveia plant-based milk and Uni Alimentos healthy snack brands, in addition to expanding the offer of Flormel items (which do not contain gluten, sugar and lactose).

“We conduct a constant research process to make changes to our product mix, always aiming to provide what arouses the interest of our customers and their guests”, says Magrin Filho.

Still among the current demands, according to him, is a renewed search for single-dose products, sustainable items and packaging – such as mineral water in tetra pak boxes or aluminum cans.

The products are available for immediate delivery across the country, and with the shortest delivery time on the market, thanks to Harus' decentralized logistics. The company has distributors strategically located around Brazil, in Franca, Fortaleza, São Luís, Porto Seguro, Recife, Brasília, Caldas Novas and Goiânia. Furthermore, it has a distribution center in Maceió, to serve the North and Northeast regions.

The network allows customers to be served within 48 to 72 hours, thanks to the scheduled storage of goods, also reducing the cost of shipping for the customer.

This year, the company wants to further expand its distribution network, says Magrin Filho, further improving the agility and quality of its delivery and services.

About Harus

Harus, a leading brand in the Brazilian amenities market, is present in all hospitality segments with its diverse line of personalized products and private brands, including Alma Brasil. The modern factory, located in the city of Franca (SP), has the capacity to produce soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, body oils and a multitude of other items. From packaging design to the final product, the company develops exclusive formulations for national and international icon brands, including O Boticário, Vinotage (Grupo Família Valduga), L'Occitane and Costa Brasil.

In its 27-year history, the company has expanded its business with products for the food and hotel sectors, through partner brands. Harus Food Service presents a diverse range of products, including lines from Junior Alimentos, Flormel, Le Petit, Homemade, Ísis, Bauducco, Vigor, Caravelas, Lowçucar, Président, Cepêra and Billa.

More information: | @harusoficial (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)

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