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Leader in the national amenities market, Harus presents its solutions for the healthcare sector at HospitalMed

The company strengthens its relationship with the segment, which has renewed demands to provide the best experience for its patients and sustainability solutions that benefit the chain

São Paulo, October 2022 – Harus, national leader in the amenities market, will be at HospitalMed, the main fair for the hospital sector in the North and Northeast regions, between the 19th and 21st of October. At the event, which takes place at the Pernambuco Convention Center, in Recife, the company will present its main solutions for the segment, in addition to the new features in its portfolio.

“We have had hospitals among our customers for years, and we have seen this relationship strengthen recently given the new demands of these facilities – and their patients. And HospitalMed will be an excellent opportunity to connect with partners and customers, in addition to making new contacts”, says the general director of Harus, Luiz Roberto Magrin Filho.

The company will welcome visitors with a product offering based on three major trends in hospitality: experience, sustainability and verticalization of service provision.

“We know that, during a stay in a hospital, the main thing is medical care and health care. But offering a pleasant experience, which minimizes worries, has become increasingly relevant”, says Magrin Filho.

Harus offers products to meet different market demands. Its portfolio includes personalized items with client brands, own lines and recognized brands, such as L'Occitane, O Boticário, Davene, Vinotage and KUR Cosméticos.

In addition to shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and soap, it provides kits with accessories such as toothbrushes, combs, cotton swabs, tissues and cotton wool. In recent years, the company also began selling alcohol gel to meet the high demand from the hotel, hospital and pharmaceutical segments. The latest news in all these departments will be at the HospitalMed pavilion.

The general director of Harus also highlights that there is an increase in concern about sustainability in all sectors of society, and this includes the hospital segment. “Therefore, the sector needs to be even more attentive to its environmental impacts”, he says.

Therefore, the company doubled its efforts to offer sustainable items. As part of them, it brought into its operations two renowned professionals in the sector, Carla Guerra and Regina Segui, who will act as brand ambassadors.

The first results of these collaborations, exclusive lines signed by the professionals, will also be presented at the fair. The Harus by Carla Guerra line, a specialist in disinfection and hygiene in the hospitality sector, operating in a large hospital complex in Recife, will bring amenities developed under the strictest quality control.

The amenities are available in sachets or bottles, which are 100% biodegradable and the packaging of the soaps and accessories are made of biodegradable paper with certification issued by the Institute of Technological Research. The line includes a shower cap, beauty kit, comb, loofah, and dental kit, and also includes a range of cleaning products.

The new Bambu line from Harus by Regina Segui, a consultant in the areas of strategic purchasing, implementation and hotel renovations, was designed based on a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. All items are natural, biodegradable, preservative-free and accessible to the visually impaired – with descriptions in Braille. Furthermore, they have a different refreshing fragrance that brings comfort and well-being.

At the company's stand, it will be possible to see two major highlights of its initiatives towards a more sustainable future. The first of them, dispensers, generate product savings and less plastic disposal. Now, they arrive in a new version, with Alma Brasil Argan products, with shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and liquid soap, all with essential oil.

The brand's Vegan Line, free from animal products and commercially successful, can also be seen up close at HospitalMed. “The demand for both marks a major change in the market. Today, we have more than 30% of customers served by Harus migrating to dispensers”, says Magrin Filho.

Diverse offer
In addition to amenities, hospitals and medical complexes can find food and furniture items at Harus. “We realized, a few years ago, the need to offer our customers a complete experience, so that they can find everything they need in one place: Harus”, he says.

The company's portfolio includes the best food brands, sold by Harus Food. Among them, Júnior Alimentos, Homemade, Ísis, Vigor, Bauducco, Le Petit, Lowçucar, Caravelas, Cepêra, Flormel, Président, Paysan Breton and Billa.

The offer includes Ciça layettes, Básico Aroma olfactory marketing, Probel mattresses, and Mallory home appliances, the company's new partner.

Harus currently has more than 16,000 active customers, served in Brazil and Latin America, as well as countries such as the United States and Israel. The company has distributors in Franca, Fortaleza, São Luís, Porto Seguro, Recife, Brasília, Caldas Novas and Goiânia, a distribution center in Maceió – to serve the North and Northeast regions – and a branch in Assunção, Paraguay.

About Harus
Harus, a leading brand in the Brazilian amenities market, is present in all hospitality segments with its diverse line of personalized products and private brands, including Alma Brasil. The modern factory, located in the city of Franca (SP), has the capacity to produce soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, body oils and a multitude of other items. From packaging design to the final product, the company develops exclusive formulations for national and international icon brands, including O Boticário, Vinotage (Grupo Família Valduga), KUR Cosméticos, L'Occitane and Costa Brasil.

In its 26-year history, the company has expanded its business with products for the food and hotel sectors, through partner brands. Harus Food Service presents a diverse range of products, including the Júnior Alimentos, Le Petit, Bauducco, Homemade, Vigor and Isis lines.
More information: | @harusoficial (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)

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