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Search for well-being and stress reduction increases demand for spa services during the pandemic

The changes in our lifestyle caused by the pandemic have accelerated a trend that had already been growing in recent years: the search for well-being and managing everyday stress.

As part of this movement, spas, previously known as places to facilitate weight loss or aimed at beauty care, have become a style of service – and have become an important part of the operation of accommodation facilities.

The segment already had revenues of US$ 106 billion in 2019, according to Fortune Business Insights, and the expectation is that this number will reach US$ 133 billion in 2027.

Now, faced with a scenario that requires social distancing, spas have become good alternatives for guests looking for experiences focused on health and relaxation – and spaces that provide them are gaining prominence in the hospitality sector.

According to Talita Silvério, founder of Amman Consultoria de Spas, establishments have been experiencing a lot of demand, especially those located inside hotels. “People are looking for more resources to balance what was compromised by the pandemic”, says Talita.

In addition to offering healthy food and physical activities, spas created new service categories, such as mental relaxation, sleep regulation and meditation.

In the era of social distancing, sensory therapeutic practices that do not involve direct contact with other people also gain prominence – such as tea infusion, aromatherapy and foot baths.

Everything is done, of course, with great rigor and attention to safety. In addition to practicing all the necessary sanitary measures for disinfection against Covid-19, establishments now display protocols to guests.

“Sanitization came from behind the scenes at spas. This operation, which was previously hidden from visitors, has now become a protagonist and invites guests to practice”, says the consultant.

Talita also says that the pandemic not only reinforced the search for well-being, but also brought to light a greater concern with environmental and social effects.

“In addition to health awareness, people are more willing to invest in spas that value contact with nature in all stages and elements of the experience,” he says.

According to her, accommodation facilities have offered more outdoor activities
free and invested in amenities of natural or vegan origin. Recyclable packaging and dispensers, which reduce the disposal of bottles, are also gaining ground.

“Prioritizing local suppliers and eco-friendly products is also part of this movement towards more sustainable operations, both for establishments and their customers.”

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