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Closer destinations and the search for differentiated service characterize tourism in 2021

After the challenges of the first year of the pandemic, tourism has been exploring new possibilities for the recovery of the sector in Brazil and around the world. The high demand for destinations where it is possible to reach via highways, be closer to nature and stay connected to work from home has been a valuable contribution to the sector gaining momentum in the current scenario.

In an interview with Você S/A, Bianca Dramali, professor of research and consumer behavior at ESPM Rio, says that this movement is known as staycation or getaway tourism. “People look for places close to big cities to escape the routine of isolation,” he says.

As a result, national and regionalized tourism should continue to gain strength in the near future. The fact that a trip to another country depends on specific regulations and a high investment in foreign currency also contributes to this scenario.

A recent study by travel platform Kayak on the preferences of Brazilian tourists reaffirms this: out of 49% of respondents who prefer to travel in Brazil, 27% of them choose to travel within their own state. And only 15% of those interviewed say they would consider traveling abroad during the pandemic.

In this new way of traveling, guests will look even more for a difference in service in their accommodation – as, more than ever, they are no longer just a place to spend the night, but become a central part of the trip.

Experiences related to the search for the authentic, rest and well-being are already emerging in the preference of those who travel. “The tip is to think of something that was not agreed upon, such as leaving a gift, so that the customer is surprised and has a good memory of the trip”, said Wilson Poit, superintendent director of Sebrae-SP, in a report from Você S/A .

A novelty in the sector is that luxury travel has gained a new configuration today. Jaqueline Gil, founder of the consultancy Amplia Mundo, says that luxurious trips abroad were exchanged for a relaxing weekend at a spa.

“Luxury can be experienced, because in a way it has disconnected from the concept of being something expensive, exclusive, inaccessible, to an indulgence, a 'small luxury' to break the routine,” he told Estadão.

For companies in the sector that are following these trends, Harus has several hospitality solutions that help provide a differentiated experience and meet the expectations of these guests. Furthermore, the company has items in its product range that facilitate compliance with the safety protocols required by tourism.

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