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Trips decided at the last minute are a trend among guests – how to prepare for them?

Planning that long-awaited trip well in advance now seems like a distant reality. Instead, the new coronavirus pandemic has made Brazilians more likely to make last-minute decisions.

A survey by, a digital booking platform, shows that spontaneous trips became much more common in 2020 – and the trend continues this year.

According to the survey, carried out by the One Poll institute with people from 15 countries, 87% of those interviewed intend to be more “impulsive” in their next getaways in 2021. In Brazil, specifically, the percentage rises to 92%.

On a global scale, 31% of those interviewed considered the year 2020 to be “lost” for tourism, which is why more than a third (32%) declared that they would drop everything to travel in 2021.

Abstinence over the past year also shows, according to the research, a greater willingness among tourists to pay for more comfortable, or even more luxurious, accommodation than they are used to.

Thus, 38% of Brazilians admitted that they would book a better hotel room, 35% would accept an upgrade if offered at the time of booking and 23% revealed the desire to book a five-star hotel for their 2021 trips.

For accommodation companies, the movement is good news, as it demonstrates customers' willingness to resume. The context, however, requires some logistical adaptations from owners and managers.

Firstly, guests are looking for more flexibility when booking – some want a guarantee of cancellation, others want to travel the same day. Furthermore, organizing operations and food and amenities stocks can be challenging in a scenario that does not allow for long-term planning.

Therefore, it is necessary to rely on suppliers who are structured to provide quality items – and quickly. Harus, leader in the Brazilian amenities market, has invested in the decentralization of logistics, with distribution points strategically located in Maceió (AL), Fortaleza (CE), Franca (SP), in addition to distributors in São Luís do Maranhão and Porto Insurance (BA).

This way, the company can reduce the delivery time to up to 48 hours. In addition to the agility, customers no longer pay shipping and other taxes that are levied on goods when transported from one state to another.

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