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Difficulty traveling abroad stimulates luxury tourism in Brazil

The ban on the entry of foreigners adopted by several countries due to the Covid-19 pandemic has caused Brazilian tourists who are fans of luxury and exclusivity to turn their attention to national options in the segment.

The growth of this niche in Brazil is attested by the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV). The entity created a working group bringing together national and international tourism operators to internally develop trips and accommodations full of glamor and beyond-special services.

“While the biggest international destinations do not reopen their borders, it is this public that we want to attract to domestic tourism”, stated the entity’s president, Magda Nassar, in an online conference with representatives of the association from across the country.

A Sebrae study that aims to map post-pandemic tourism follows the same line. “The luxury tourism segment is using the period of social isolation to improve experiences and create new surprises for even its most loyal guests,” says the document.

The report also highlights that this is a new era in luxury travel, which combines biosecurity with creativity.

And the truth is that, if we look closely at luxury accommodation facilities, we will realize that their exclusive services match perfectly with many of the safety standards adopted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

There are hotels with a few suites, private tours and travel, personalized meals, in addition to the use of new security technologies that enable low touch, to list some of them.

Sebrae also lists other options that accommodation facilities can adopt to improve service in luxury services:

  • Enogastronomic tourism, combining good wines with haute cuisine;
  • Holding micro celebrations in idle suites;
  • Exclusivity: wellness and personalization as trends in the hotel industry;
  • Offering privacy, as if the guest were at home, but with all services available (security is an item well explored to attract customers);
  • Extended stay: luxury tourists stay longer in the same place, and packages may be offered for a month or more of stay.

New experiences, amenities and exclusive services are the keynote of this luxurious package designed to further pique the interest of national travelers.

It is in the spirit of this growth that the sector's supplier companies have also been following these trends. Harus, with diverse hospitality solutions, offers a range of special products and amenities aimed at offering guests the pleasure of exclusivity in every detail.

There are essential oils and gels for relaxing massages, aromatherapy products, fine chocolates, foot baths and other items designed to make each experience memorable.

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