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Long stays and staycations: discover the new accommodation formats popularized by the pandemic

The trend started last year and continues to be another phenomenon in 2021 that reflects the change of new times: the new luxury is extended stays in hotels, inns or seasonal properties.

So-called extended stays or long stays in the tourist market can last for months, and reflect guests' search for a change of scenery and greater peace of mind when working remotely at a time when the pandemic still requires us to be more inside than outside our homes. .

The movement began among accommodation options aimed at customers with greater purchasing power, but today it already attracts different profiles and budgets, in Brazil and abroad. In view of this, places with a strong tourist vocation have also taken measures.

A notable example is Rio de Janeiro. RioTur and the City of Rio de Janeiro launched a program that encourages long-term stays by entrepreneurs and executives. There are already 56 hotels, 14 hostels and 18 coworking spaces registered on the website ( created by RioTur.

It provides information about the infrastructure of establishments in the hotel and business sector that are ready to serve remote workers. Everything to encourage the choice of the city of Rio as a professional base and increase the length of stay of this public, maintaining the work routine.

Also as a consequence of the restrictions imposed by the health crisis on travel, the concept of staycations emerged (from the verb stay, in English, which means to remain). The idea here is, instead of vacationing in distant cities or countries, to stay in the city itself and enjoy the comfort of nearby hotels.

Going for a getaway but staying close by has been the way many families have used to “get away from home” and relax a little without involving long journeys or complicated logistics.

The advantages are many: being close to home, maintaining a sense of familiarity, knowing the entire hospital and emergency infrastructure of the destination, among others.

In long stays or staycations, the fact is that the hotel chain must adapt quickly to take advantage of new opportunities to captivate its audience.

For those who stay longer, some structural changes are necessary – for example, the existence of more suitable furniture such as office tables, chairs, home office equipment, etc.

In this package, special details make all the difference. Spa services, bath kits, hygiene kits (alcohol gel and masks), aromatherapy, among other amenities that complete the environment.

Harus, a leading brand in the Brazilian amenities market, is present in all hospitality segments, and offers a diverse line of personalized and private label products.

From packaging design to the final product, the company develops exclusive formulations for national and international icon brands, including O Boticário, Vinotage (Grupo Família Valduga), KUR Cosméticos, L'Occitane and Costa Brasil.

Furthermore, it has a distribution network that guarantees fast and excellent delivery.

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