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Carla Guerra launches a complete solution for hygiene in hospitality, with sustainable and efficient sanitizers

There are 21 products for kitchen and general cleaning that promote safe hygiene based on a protocol created by the specialist with more than 20 years of experience

Carla Guerra is a specialist in disinfection and hygiene in the hospitality sector

São Paulo, September 2023 – With two decades of experience in disinfection and hygiene in the hospitality sector, Carla Guerra has just taken a new step in her journey in the sector. It is launching, in partnership with Harus, a line of sustainable and efficient sanitizers for cooking, housekeeping and general cleaning.

The novelty goes beyond the 21 products offered to the market; It also includes a complete hygiene and safety protocol.

Carla Guerra has more than 20 years of experience as a consultant and environmental manager, she worked on the development of protocols against Covid-19 in the hotel chain across the country. Today, she is an ambassador for Harus (a leading company in the national amenities market) with the aim of developing sustainable and safe solutions for the sector.

The cleaning products launched are now part of the line Harus by Carla Guerra and are manufactured following good environmental and biosafety practices. They are biodegradable, have high yield and are produced in Becker Industries factories powered by solar energy. They also have a low foam content, reducing water consumption.

“Water is the most precious resource we have. When we reduce consumption, we help the entire planet. During my consultancies, I realized that there was still a lack of sustainable and safe sanitizers. Therefore, I joined forces with Harus to create a solution that met the environmental and biosafety concerns of the hospitality market”, explains Carla Guerra.

One of the highlights among the new items is the use of hydrogen peroxide developed with fifth-generation quaternary ammonia for high-alert cleaning and disinfection. As a result, the surfaces are completely sanitized after the product has acted for three minutes, forming a protective film lasting 72 hours of disinfection.

Sanitizing products aimed at the kitchen include disinfectant for fruit and vegetables and ASEC (Drying Aid) for mechanical dishwashing. For general cleaning, the products include concentrated detergent, concentrated disinfectant, acid descaling detergent and glass detergent.

The portfolio also includes diluters and dosers from Tron Soluções Tecnológicas and cleaning equipment from Perfect Pro. Finally, the protocol covers preventive and corrective assistance to establishments, in order to guarantee the efficient management of resources. In this way, a technician will make periodic visits to partners to check whether the products are being diluted and used correctly, ensuring sanitizing action while avoiding waste and risks to the health of guests and employees.

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