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Northeast drives the resumption of tourism in the country this summer

As summer approaches, the Brazilian tourism sector sees good signs of recovery, with real possibilities for growth in 2022. The hottest and sunniest season of the year officially begins on December 21st, and data indicates that guests are returning with everything to hotels, inns and resorts in the country.

The recovery is driven by the Northeast, full of stunning beach destinations and many accommodation options for national and international tourists. A study by the Central Bank indicates that the states in the region had a faster recovery in the consumption of goods, services and tourism after months of intense mobility restrictions caused by the pandemic.

In the specific case of tourism, the BC study states that “the total payments made to the hotel sector through credit and debit cards reveal recovery in all regions and more accelerated in the Northeast – which, since June, has surpassed the 2019 level in nominal values.”

Another excellent indication of recovery and resumption of tourism is provided by the Monthly Bulletin of the Brazilian Association of Tour Operators (Braztoa), released in November. According to the study, the summer holidays and the Christmas and New Year's Eve holidays were responsible for 40.4% of October sales.

The Braztoa Bulletin shows that sun and beach destinations continue to be the most sought after, especially with the arrival of summer. In the ranking of favorites, cities in the Northeast are the majority. Gramado (RS) leads the list, followed by Natal (RN) and Salvador (BA) in second place, and Fortaleza (CE), Maceió (AL) and Rio de Janeiro in third place. São Luís (MA) is also among the destinations with significant growth in travel searches in the period.

The great interest of tourists will stimulate accommodation facilities in the country, which can count on Harus, a national leader in the amenities market, to provide products aimed at well-being and gastronomy – all with a careful eye on sustainability, such as new vegan line.

The company has a decentralized logistics structure: in total, there are 46 representatives and distributors in Franca, Fortaleza, São Luís, Porto Seguro, Brasília, Caldas Novas and Recife, a distribution center in Maceió – to serve the North and Northeast regions – and a branch in Asunción, Paraguay.

Resumption actions
To take advantage of the good and warm winds blowing in tourism, the federal government launched the Tourism Economic Recovery Guide in Brazil (the full text of which can be accessed here). The document lists 20 strategic measures prepared by a specialized consultancy that consulted businesspeople and experts in the area.

The objective of the guide, according to the government, is to contribute to the resumption of Brazilian tourism safely and responsibly and to recovery from the socioeconomic impact caused by Covid-19.

Prioritized strategic initiatives
Some medium, short and long-term initiatives suggested by the guide are:

  • Encourage actions to promote domestic tourism;
  • Strengthen short-term tourism to places close to large urban centers;
  • Extend the term of government measures adopted during the pandemic;
  • Provide liquidity mechanisms for the sector chain, seeking guarantees for the projection of large companies;
  • Provide financial products for the survival of the tourism chain, with priority given to SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises);
  • Disseminate best practices on tourism products for different regions, destinations, routes and tourist itineraries in Brazil;
  • Encourage the adoption of an “Events Calendar” adapted to the reality of each region;
  • Develop investment mechanisms to promote the sector, prioritizing
  • accommodation and leisure;
  • Certify establishments in the main tourist destinations with protocols and seals.

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