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Last minute trip? 10 app suggestions to optimize your experience!

The resumption of travel, with the advancement of vaccination, or weekend getaways, while maintaining isolation from the rest of the world, still has one characteristic in common: planning time was reduced with the pandemic – and many last-minute changes accompany travelers.

In this context (and considering that the smartphone is always at hand for most Brazilians), applications have become great allies for tourists. There are the most diverse types in the Android and iOS app stores, helping with planning, choosing a destination, booking hotels, defining the itinerary and much more.

Below, we give ten app suggestions to make traveling more enjoyable – and, whenever possible, spending less!

Yelp – includes tips and reviews from local communities. With it, you can plan in advance which places to visit, where to eat, relax and take incredible photos.

Kayak – allows you to organize the entire itinerary of a trip, from purchasing tickets and booking a hotel to renting a car, saving money. In the app, you can compare prices and even track flight status.

Expedia Hotels & Flights – helps you find hotel rooms and makes reservations possible in just four taps. Just choose the date and destination of your trip. It also provides alerts regarding flight status.

Hotel Today – use it to find vacant rooms in hotels across the country, even at the last minute. It shows several options and even allows you to do so. The idea here is to help anyone who was surprised by a trip at the last minute or simply forgot to make a reservation.

Couchsurfing – the term couch surfing emerged in the early 2000s with this website, which is now also an app. Initially, it was used for people to make their sofa (or a space in their homes) available where tourists could stay for free. Today, it is also possible to find users who, even if they cannot make their homes available, are willing to host the traveler in the chosen city. – offers more than 25 thousand hotel options in more than 6 thousand destinations.

Best Destinations – a website with tips on ticket promotions updated every day. By downloading the application, the user receives promotion alerts in real time.

PlanChat – you can track flight and hotel prices according to your needs, search for experiences close to your destination and plan itineraries with your travel group.

Trip Republic – is a website that offers access to thousands of experiences in the chosen destination. You can quickly browse options, compare prices and even book tickets. Additionally, it has its own platform for planning itineraries. With it, you can search and book everything – flights, hotels, restaurants and other local activities.

Syngic Travel – allows you to plan your itinerary in an easy and simple way to visualize. Sightseeing tours, hotel reservations based on proximity to certain landmarks, and even mapping routes for walking or driving trips are among the options available. The app provides endless information about tourist areas, lively suggestions for nighttime programming, shows and events.

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