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In search of security and exclusivity, guests 'close' hotels and inns for a change of scenery

The search for exclusivity on vacation took on new contours with the new coronavirus pandemic. If social distancing was previously a luxury for few, Covid-19 led many guests to take the need for security and privacy to another level: buyout.

The term, which sounds like business jargon (and it is!), has been used in the tourism market to refer to the reservation of an entire accommodation facility – that's right, the entire space – for a single guest or group. Originally, it means buying a company, or part of it, and taking control.

The practice is not exactly new in the hospitality sector, but it used to be restricted to high-end clients, small weddings or events in the corporate market (which used these establishments to hold conferences).

Since the beginning of the health crisis, however, it has left luxury hotels and resorts and spread to accommodation, given the increase in demand for buyouts from groups of friends or family, who want a change of scenery without leaving their core. next.

Today, some establishments have already formalized specific packages for this type of guest, facilitating negotiations and reservations. The most popular are hotels and inns on the coast or in places where nature is the most inviting.

Customized services

And if there are guests willing to pay a little more for peace of mind and security, this can also guarantee differentiated services included in the buyout package, generating new revenue opportunities for the sector.

It is possible to offer different gastronomic services, for example, options that include only breakfast, others with half-board (coffee and dinner) and even organize an all-inclusive model, with everything included – completely eliminating the need to leave the hotel. hotel or guesthouse.

Another idea is to allow guests to make use of the on-site kitchen, offering the possibility for them to arrive at the accommodation with food and drink items purchased by staff. Transfers and local experiences can also be included.

And, if we are talking about personalized service and exclusivity, well-being and health items designed specifically for these occasions should complete the experience.

There should be no shortage of shampoo, conditioner and special soaps, of course, but other items can be included in the mix, such as aromatherapy oils, foot baths, floral fragrances, moisturizing lotions, bath salts and high-quality linens. Sanitization items such as alcohol gel are also essential today for guests to feel safe and enjoy the experience.

Harus, a leading brand in the Brazilian amenities market, is present in all hospitality segments with its diverse line of personalized products and private brands.

From packaging design to the final product, the company creates exclusive formulations for hotel chains, in addition to partnering with strong brands in national and international markets, such as O Boticário, Vinotage (Grupo Família Valduga), KUR Cosméticos, L'Occitane and Costa Brasil .

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