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Pet families – search for hotels that accept animals grows; Check out adaptation tips

The importance of pets in the lives of Brazilians only grows. And no wonder: there are currently around 144 million pets in the country (for a population of 220 million people). This relationship became even closer during the pandemic, when guardians and pets were able to spend more time together due to remote work.

Now, with the return to activities outside the home, they are also part of the plans. According to a survey on the website, 82% of travelers want to take their pets with them when traveling (data is from 2020). Google searches for pet-friendly accommodation have also increased – around 300% worldwide.

To receive these families, known as pet families, hotels must be well prepared. After all, being pet friendly is not just about allowing animals to enter. The concept foresees that the environment is capable of welcoming them well and with comfort. Furthermore, it is necessary to adopt policies for the inclusion and permanence of pets on the premises.

The first step towards adapting these spaces is understanding how the routine of someone who has a pet works and what their basic needs are. It's worth remembering that people expect their pets to be treated as well as they are. Some basic items that must be made available are:

  • Container for water and food
  • Garbage bags
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Disinfectant products
  • Glass door signs
  • Walks for rest
  • Hygienic mats

Other things that are not essential, but a treat for the pet (and their guardians):

  • Welcome snacks
  • Collars for walking animals
  • Transport carts
  • Space for bathing and/or drying

It is also worth defining how many animals and what sizes will be accepted, according to the size of the suites. There are cases where not all rooms accommodate animals – therefore, only larger or adapted ones are intended for these families. It is also necessary to consider that pets need an outdoor space to rest, play, or do their business. Therefore, pet friendly accommodation establishments must reserve an area for this purpose.

Rules and procedures

In relation to food spaces in hotels and inns, Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) determines that the entry of domestic animals into places where food is consumed or prepared is only permitted in an external area.

The regulatory body also says that it is necessary to have a point with running water and a professional dedicated to cleaning the environment. Therefore, it is important to reserve an outdoor area for guests to dine with their pets.

It is also important to define rules and guidelines for better coexistence between pet families. For example, which common areas are allowed for animals (swimming pools, games room, spa, etc.), whether they must wear a leash at all times and require the presentation of a health certificate issued by a veterinarian and the dog's vaccination card. little bug.

It is essential to adapt the cleaning of the accommodation when receiving animals. Procedures must be carried out using suitable disinfectant products that do not harm pets. Cleaning must be reinforced in both common areas and bedrooms – including the floor, bathroom, bedding and other objects. A proper routine prevents the spread of diseases and the development of allergies in future guests.

In this sense, it is essential that the entire team is trained to prepare the environment and receive humans and pets. Employees can receive training on animal behavior, to be able to identify and deal with basic situations that could generate problems. They should also be ready to recommend pet-friendly tours and restaurants, pet stores and veterinarians for emergencies.

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