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Boutique hotels offer personalized experience and quality service in a picturesque setting

The hotel sector is always looking for new things to attract different guest profiles. Even though the concept of Hotel is already widespread, new trends always emerge with the aim of providing increasingly better experiences for visitors. One of them is the growth of boutique hotels, small and elegant establishments with the mission of offering personalized and quality services.

SBClass (Brazilian Accommodation Classification System) divides Brazilian accommodation facilities into seven categories: hotel, resort, farm hotel, bed and breakfast, historic hotel, guesthouse and flat/apart-hotel.

Boutique hotels do not yet have their own category, as they are relatively new. The term first appeared between the 70s and 80s in the United States, and arrived in Brazil in the late 90s.

What defines a boutique hotel
Although there is no formal definition, these establishments are known for being in classic buildings, such as old mansions and mansions, and having few rooms – from 10 to 100, depending on the property. To provide an even more intimate experience, they do not usually have space for events, such as auditoriums and conference rooms.

The decor, full of charm, is usually another highlight of the category, with a unique identity, which may or may not follow the classic style of the property.

Quality first
Even with a more picturesque atmosphere, this type of accommodation does not leave modernity aside and offers amenities such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning and generally new and modern equipment – thus, the boutique concept is closely linked to quality.

In this context, we cannot forget the amenities, which are essential to provide a unique stay, as they provide guests with a moment of relaxation and well-being.

Exclusive products, or from brands recognized by the market, are excellent options when choosing the hotel's offerings.

Service is another differentiator of these establishments. As it is an environment with few rooms, it is possible to provide an ultra-personalized experience to the guest. The idea is not only to guarantee comfort within the hotel, but also throughout the trip, providing a concierge service to recommend and, when possible, book attractions, restaurants and other tours according to customer demand.

For example, in addition to excellent room service, boutique hotels usually provide tea and cake for afternoon coffee, a transfer service and guide to tourist attractions, and picnic baskets can be made upon reservation. Every detail is designed to 'pamper' and captivate guests.

Offering quality amenities is one of the differentiators in the hospitality sector. Consult us to find out about Harus products and services!


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